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The Moosepath League

Humor! Curiosity! Tolerance! Compassion! Unity! Benevolence! Goodwill!

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This is a LiveJournal community devoted to celebrating and exploring the adventures of the Moosepath League, as set down by the noteworthy Van Reid. As of January 2005, five of their numerous adventures have been documented.

'"A club," said Ephram.
"Indeed," said Eagleton.
"What?" said Thump.
"What, indeed!" said Ephram.
"Most certainly!" said Eagleton.
"A club!" said Thump.
And thus it was decided - they would be a club, or they would have a club, or they would form one - whatever it was that you did with a club, they would do it.'
-Cordelia Underwood, Or the Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League by Van Reid, p. 33

The Moosepath League was first established on July 2nd, 1896, at the Shipswood Restaurant in Portland, Maine by it's charter members, Joseph Thump, Matthew Ephram, and Christopher Eagleton. While still in search of a name and a purpose they were joined by Tobias Walton, who quickly became both chairman of the club and an inspiration and example to both past and present members.

'"We are beginning a club, you know," said Thump, who turned to Eagleton: "And he's just the sort of man."
"A club?" said Mister Walton, not understanding.
"Ground floor," said Ephram. "Members wanted."
"You have a personal invitation," said Eagleton.
"A club?" repeated Mister Walton.
"Haven't a name, yet," said Thump. He tapped a forefinger at his temple. "Hasn't come."
"What sort of club?"
"Undecided," answered Ephram.
"Inspiration pending," explained Eagleton.
"Inspiration pending," repeated Ephram. "I like that very much."
"Thank you, Ephram."'
-Cordelia Underwood, Or the Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League by Van Reid, p. 58

Through the very way that Mister Walton lived his life, the Waltonian principles were put in place - Tolerance, Compassion, Curiosity, and Humor. These have guided the members and all who admire them through many adventures both weird and wonderful.

The purpose of this community is to show true appreciation for this club and it's members in the various and sundry ways that I or others may come up with.

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